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Jul 17 '14



Because this is a fun sentence one rarely gets to use: Here’s an awesome example of nature imitating terrifying candy. This giant earthworm bears a remarkable resemblance to the World’s Largest Gummy Worm we first posted about a couple years ago.

This colossal creepy-crawly was found by Project Noah member Hoppy4840 in rich, wet forest soil in the foothills of the Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador. It measured approximately 1.5 meters (~4.9 feet) long and weighed at least 500 grams (~1.1 pounds). Funny thing is, we can’t help but think that, while it’s quite likely the earthworm is more nutritious, there’s no way it’s as tasty as the gummy version.

[via Geekologie]

Hentai fantasies are becoming reality

Jul 17 '14


Canid girlfriends and bun pals

Jul 17 '14


dude, what if a prince is cursed to be a dragon but instead of being upset by it, they’re like ‘hell yeah i’m a dragon’ and they spend weeks finding the perfect decrepit castle to haunt and try to convince their fiancé to be a princess in the tower ‘just for like a week’ and everyone is like ‘we can break the fucking curse’ and the prince is like ‘but i’m a dragon.’

Jul 17 '14

ROSE DAY by: summ


ROSE DAY by: summ

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Jul 17 '14

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Jul 17 '14



Josie and the Pussycats in “Musical Evolution” x

Coolest promo ever created

Real talk though, this is one of the coolest tributes to a classic cartoon with the most interesting animation in it I’ve ever seen, look how wonderful it is.




Jul 17 '14
Boney M - Rasputin (Nightflight to Venus)


rasputin // boney m

russia’s greatest love machine
and so they shot him til he was dead

Jul 16 '14


dear god, let it be enough

Jul 16 '14

krazyokami asked:

Hello, I am wondering if you could help us with a tricky situation? The place I work at, dog boarding, when we walk the dogs in the yard...we've been seeing a lot of torn moth and butterfly wings. Just the wings. Sometimes we find just a head missing. We're all confused and wondering what's going on. But a few months ago, my boss put a mantis nest in the front yard. Do you think we have sneak mantis doing that?


Sounds like cats to me! Or a very determined dog.

Mantises eat virtually their whole prey item, I’m pretty sure they don’t leave much behind if anything at all.

I know this is a bit old, but I think it sounds like wasps. The adults will bite off the wings and bring the body to their carnivorous larva. See this videoo:

Jul 16 '14


Love how all the POC look 1000% done with this shit.

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